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Prison Outreach is an on-going, integral part of the Contemplative Outreach family. This important ministry is committed to support volunteers and organizations willing to serve the prison population.

Support consists of consultation, resources and access to a central database of all prison ministry activities nationwide involving  Centering  Prayer. We hope to encourage and assist those interested in beginning a prison ministry or to provide connections between practitioners already in the ministry who want to share and learn together.

For a list of state correctional facilities, click here.

Prison Outreach Contacts:

Prison Outreach Liaison
Chandra Hanson

In Partnership with Prison Contemplative Fellowship
Ray Leonardini
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Mary Wyman – CO Chapter Coordinator
San Francisco CA- development of Prison Outreach Conference/Retreat.
Tel: 415 431 8590 E-mail

Pat Barnett – prison ministry
Hobby Unit- (women) Marlin TX, experiences with conferences and workshops
Tel: 512 347 9673 E-mail

Douglas La Plant – prison ministry
SCI Rockview, Bellefante PA
Teaching “A Pathway to Freedom” course to men.
Tel: 814 238 4522 E-mail

Rita Weick – Deer Ridge Correctional Institute
3920 E. Ashwood Road, Madras, OR 97741
Chaplain Ken Ball E-mail

Book Review:
Find God Within, Contemplative Prayer for Prisoners
For More information and to order the book contact Ray Leonardini